How To Talkbox

Categories: Talkbox, Tutorials | Posted on Dec 26, 2017

This course is all you will need to know about using the talkbox.  It will include examples of how to set up and how to talkbox yourself.

This lesson will include the following:

  • The Parts you will need to build your own Talkbox.
  • What tools will you need to generate sound.
  • How To Connect Your Talkbox together.
  • What To Use If You Do Not Have A Keyboard
  • How To Design Your Own Talkbox Sound
  • How To Record Yourself Talkboxing
  • How To Record Harmonies.

The Parts Of The Talkbox

You will need this things listed below.


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What Tools You Will Need To Generate Sound

Here are the tools you can  use to generate the talkbox sound . It may surprise you!


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